Starting A Photography Blog | 6 Quick & Easy Steps


Knowing how to start a photography blog is a fundamental step indeed. Photography, as we all know has an excellent potential to engage an audience and share experiences. Indeed, it showcases information about places, things, landscapes and people in visual formats. These options lead to longer-lasting impacts which are also easier to recall.


We have dedicated the entire scope of this article to help you get started. In our discussions that follow, we are going to take you through some step-by-step explanations to that effect. We hope that you will after that be in the position to launch your own blog.

Step I: Select a niche

The field of photography is pretty broad. It is hence impossible for youth to master the entire length and breadth of this field. That is why you are strongly advised to select a suitable niche and specialize in it. Just ascertain your own unique tastes and preferences to find out the most suitable one.

Some of the ones you might consider trying are wildlife, urban, cities, arts, music, and travels. While at it, you also want to be sensitive to the needs of your target audience.

Step II: Create your own blog

Now go ahead to create your own blog. This decision primarily entails selecting a proper name for your blog, setting up the blog altogether, choosing an appropriate theme, and lastly, posting the relevant contents. You will definitely require some expert advice in this especially if you have never attempted to do so on your own.

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A WordPress Site is an excellent place to start. It can assist you in carrying out much of the preliminary steps involved in launching a photography blog.

Step III: Capture some relevant photographs

Now move on to capture the relevant photographs. The chances are that by now you would already have taken and saved some photos in your gallery. If you haven’t, it is not too late either. It is still possible for you to take them and safeguard them in your gallery for future reference.

It is necessary to sort and caption them in preparation for formal launching later. If you have to, you might even want to alter the images and appearances with programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Step IV: Come up with your personal photography style

Of course, you are not the only photography blogger out there. This field, as has already been hinted earlier, is awash with numerous players. To stand any chance of making some meaningful headway, it is necessary that your blog site is unique.

To do this, customize the mood, tone, theme, portraiture or hue of your photos and blogs. Also, choose and settle on a personal style to generate your online brand. Make it in such a way as to stand out and leave a lasting impression whenever people get to visit your blog.

Step V: Enhance the value of your photographs

Posting photographs only without any further enhancement is boring and may not bring in the much-needed traffic. That is why it is also advisable that you add some ‘meat’ to them. Think of any new information that may be valuable to your visitors.

These could include tips, facts, figures, statistics, and some trivia regarding the field of photography. People are more willing to spend much of their time on your site if they are guaranteed more value for their time.

Step VI: Monetize Your Photography Blog

Lastly, you might also consider monetizing your blog. Monetization means merely using it as a means of generating some income. In pursuance of this, you might want to place some ads on your site, connect with other like-minded sites to bring in some extra income, or selling some photographs.

Alternatively, you might encourage your visitors to contribute rather than purchase photos. Do this especially if your operational expenses are low and your target market is not well off.


Having supplied you the necessary guidance, we now challenge you to go ahead and build your own blog. It is not enough, in our opinion, to merely know about the procedures above and take no concrete action in pursuance of it.

When are you setting out to launch your blog?

It is also kind of you to share this information as far wide as you possibly can. Indeed, you are certainly not the only one who might require this information. Who else are you challenging on how to start a photography blog?

I wish you all the best in your subsequent photography blogging!