What is a Blog? – A Guide to Blogger Basics & Blogging Definitions (2020)

what is a blog

When I was looking to start blogging, I wanted to know, what is a blog?

Everybody was talking about making money with blogs. However, no one was explaining the definition or purpose of blogging.

That was frustrating?

Fortunately, today you won’t have to experience this. First, I’m going to explain what blogs are and furthermore what is NOT a blog. Second, I’ll provide some information about blogging basics. Afterward, you will have a real understanding of the word “blog.”

Before you dive deep into the article, let’s get the definition out the way.

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What is a Blog? (aka “Weblog”)

So, what is a blog?

A blog is a personal online journal or diary maintained by a blogger. The term “blog” is the shortened version of “weblog.” Blogging is the information published on a blog platform as blog posts. Updates appear on the web page in reverse chronological order for readers. A blog site includes videos, images, text, and audio typically.

Well, that was a pretty good description.

what is a weblog

It was short, sweet and to the point.

Yet, there is more. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this subject.

In my research, I found out that blogs have been around since 1994. They have evolved from personal online diary formats to BIG blog sites. Many people generate over six-figures yearly blogging.

Including me, as this blog made $116,371.97 in the first year.

In other words, they aren’t just hobbies anymore.

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What is the Difference Between A Blog and A Website?

Websites and blogs are quite similar to one another. Both contain digital media and content that delivers information online. They both allow individuals and companies to build more prominent brands, influence, and income.

difference between blog and website

That’s pretty much where it stops concerning one another.

Let me be clear.

A website is NOT a blog.

So, if those are the similarities, then what is the significant difference of a blog?

Let me break it down.

People build blogs around niche topics or experiences that the blogger knows. The majority of blogs are updated daily (or, semi-regularly). However, plenty publish on a more relaxed schedule of (once a week or once a month). I maintain my personal blog as a one-person band (obviously). Nevertheless, many large companies run blogging teams.

Websites can only have blogs attached to increase their frequency of content production and social engagement.

Websites are also static pages that often never change. But, blogs are ever-evolving due to regularly published posts.

The Versatility of Blogging

You can check out the best blog platform sites like WordPress to build both a website and a blog.

Versatility of Blogging

Yup, blogs can build out a blog page and a blog post. Furthermore, they can display your online presence like a website. As a result, you have the option of publishing multiple article updates weekly.

The vital difference in a website vs. blog battle is action. Blogging platforms have built-in comment sections for readers. They also have social media share buttons on the posts.

Therefore, a good bounce rate in terms of visitor engagement. The social aspect of the content encourages them to stay on the site longer. It also prompts them to share what you have published on their social media channels.

Once a blogger publishes regular content, a blog can receive a massive amount of visitors. Traffic is monetized generating a full-time income as a blogger.

What Is A Blog Post?

what is a blog post

Here is the description in simple terms.

A blog post is an article entry written on your blog site. You have the option to include digital media in the form of video, photos, text, infographics, and audio.

A lifestyle blog is a perfect example of using all of these digital media options.

As a blogger, you will publish many posts. Consequently, this is how you create wealth, influence, and power through content on the internet.

What Is A Blog Used For?

I love this question.

Let’s get into why people are starting a blog. Indeed, this is the other major question many people have. I had it before building “Power of Publish.

After examining many of the most popular blogs across the web, I came up with a success list.

Top 7 Reasons Why People Are Blogging

  • Personal branding to sell product or services
  • To make money blogging via passive income, advertising & affiliates
  • Grow as an Influencer within the public
  • Become a better writer including spelling and reading
  • Self-expression within a community of readers and writers
  • Be an industry leader and authority in a specific niche
  • Market a business, raise awareness, and engage socially
  • Arrange ideas and thoughts using digital media
  • Share your creativity, skillset, and talent with the world.

Useful Definitions Around The Term Weblog

Blog (noun) – A personal journal, diary or business site published on the internet.

Blogger (noun) – A content creator who publishes media on a personal blog platform. A person who uses the VITAcore Elements of video, images, text, and audio to communicate with an online audience.

Blog Post (noun) – An article entry from a blogger into his or her blog. What you are reading now is a detailed “Blog Post.”

Blogging (verb) – Writing new blog entries into a blog. Publishing posts about personal experiences, observations or opinions about a niche and broad subjects.

doman name url
The Domain Name for POWER of PUBLISH

What is a blog address?

A blog address is just the name of your blog. The high-level term is called a URL. A more simplistic term used is “blog domain.” The address of a blog is what visitors use to access your content. People type in your address in their web browser, and that allows them to reach your blogging site.

Therefore, it’s an important reason to come up with a good blog name. Having a great tagline is essential. Mine is “Produce. Publish. Profit.”

The History and Information

As I mentioned above in my research, I discovered that blogs started around 1994. The first blog ever is credited to Justin Hall in 94′. Other notable early bloggers were Claudio Pinhanez and Carolyn Burke. The terms “blog” or “weblog” didn’t exist back then.

The word “weblog” didn’t officially come to the forefront until 1997 with the announcement by Jorn Barger. Two years later weblog was shortened to “blog.” 1999 is when individuals who were fortunate enough to have computers started blogging.

2003 Mike Mullenweg and Mark Little create WordPress, and EVERYTHING changed. WordPress offered a secure blogging platform for people to express themselves.

WordPress powers this very blog. As well as, over 75% of ALL blogs are running on the WordPress platform.

As you can see having a blog can be extremely powerful. Equally, it’s a ton of FUN.


At this point, do you have a good understanding of the question of what is a blog? Or, is there still confusion drop me a comment below so I can help.

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I look forward to reading your blog one day 🙂