Greetings, esteemed audience,

calvin hill power of publishIt has come to my attention that certain fraudulent individuals are exploiting the reputation and influence of my established brand, ‘Power of Publish,’ by attempting to dupe users out of their cryptocurrency or monetary resources.

This unsettling trend is one that affects major influencers across various social media platforms. This announcement serves as a call to vigilance and as an attempt to eradicate any possible misunderstandings caused by these unauthorized activities.

These impostor accounts refrain from engaging in real-time interactive sessions such as “Live Broadcasts on Tiktok,” “Zoom Calls,” or “FaceTime” calls, thus creating a distinct line of differentiation.

Please note the following aspects that demarcate the genuine from the counterfeit.

Here are a few critical points of clarification about the authentic ‘Power of Publish’ persona:

  1. I do not possess a Telegram account.
  2. I do not maintain a WhatsApp profile.
  3. I am not associated with a Discord server.
  4. I neither own nor endorse any Investment Group or Website.
  5. I refrain from interacting with users via Google Chat.
  6. I do not engage in Direct Messaging on Instagram.
  7. I never solicit individuals through comments on my TikTok posts.

As part of my regular engagement, I make it a point to go ‘Live’ weekly on my authentic TikTok accounts.

I encourage you to connect exclusively with the below-listed official ‘Power of Publish’ accounts to safeguard your interests. Any other account claiming to represent ‘Power of Publish’ should be regarded with skepticism, as it is likely to be a counterfeit:

My official accounts are as followed… ANYTHING else is FAKE!  (Official) – 1.3 Million Followers  (My BackUp) – 370K Followers
You can also directly get to my authentic Social Media Accounts by clicking the icons on the top right of this very webpage.

I remain committed to your online safety and to preserving the integrity of our digital community. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Best regards,

Calvin Hill