57 Famous Mark Twain Quotes Sayings


Mark Twain quotes are some of the best and most quoted words among readers who love great authors. If you read daily you have heard of the 2 famous books he wrote.

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)
  • Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885)

Mark Twain is the pen name he selected to write these amazing books. The American author, who was very funny was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens. A lover of science and a U.S. patent holder for 3 inventions.

He didn’t drink Dos Equis, but he was one of the most interesting men in the world.

Why We Share So Many Mark Twain Quotes

Mark made a ton of money from lectures and his writings. He was in great demand for speaking engagements to which he performed as humorous talks. Sounds funny now, but he is a forefather of stand up comedy.

He died on April 21, 1910 but has been a study for years since his death. Mark Twain quotes range from love, lies, life and war.

Sixty Great Mark Twain Sayings

The meanings of these quoted wordings are in discussion via social media everyday. Students of major universities research facts about this author weekly. Twain was an interesting man and his quotes will forever be shared.

1. It is good to obey

Obeying rules as a youngster to break them as an older individual.

2. If you tell the truth

Lying is a lot harder than telling the truth in the end.

3. Recognized by greatness

Greatness can kill some people who are not prepared for it.

4. There is a charm

The forbidden is charming to an unspeakable desire.

5. Get your facts first

Getting the facts first gives you many options for distortion.

6. A thing long expected

The classic “Expect the Unexpected”.

7. Good breeding consist…

Selfishness and reproduction go hand and hand.

8. We all live in protection…

Some protect being afraid under the umbrella of principles.

9. Civilization

Civilization has limits multiplied by useless necessities.

10. Marked difference

The average civilized man vs the average savage man has a very marked difference.

11. Cheer yourself

Make someone else happy if you want to be happy yourself.

12. Successful Book

Successful books leave things out.

13. Praise is well

Affection is a more precious reward than praise or compliments.

14. God made idiots

School boards were made by God for his idiots 🙂

15. Of all the animals

Man is the only cruel animal that inflicts pain for pleasure.

16. The holy passion

The quickest way to ruin a lifelong friendship of holy passion and loyalty is to ask to borrow money.

17. Thousands of geniuses

Search yourself, you may be an undiscovered genius.

18. Both marriage and death

Marriage and death bring two forms of happiness. One is a promise, the other is an assurance.

19. There’s a good spot

Everybody has some good in them. Finding it may take a long time.

20. Eat what you don’t want

Eating healthy is not always fun.

21. Fish for love

Let your heart lead you to real love.

22. Sins.

Many sins are covered by Martyrdom.

23. What’s ideal?

The ideal life involves good friends and books.

24. All you need…

Two keys to success are ignorance and confidence.

25. Smiles

Face wrinkles are an indication of a happy life

26. Not from the head

Civilizations proceed from hearts and not minds. This is an interesting quote from Mark Twain.

27. Youthful fountain

A real fountain of youth is your very own heart.

28. Privately wanting

Heroes would not exist if everyone was satisfied with themselves.

29. Best policy

When it comes to money, be honest.

30. Squander

Capital is an unspoken word that can be invested in or squandered.

31. Reflection

You may want to pause and reflect if you ever find yourself on the side of the majority.

32. Time to get frank

The jewel of frankness is only afforded by the young.

33. Modesty

You can’t be modest with clothes.

34. One learns…

Eyes are the windows to the soul, but learning people comes from observing the heart.

35. The Gamble

The lottery is a government institution for poor people.

36. Life stands explained

Life mysteries disappear when we remember we are all mad.

37. Just wait

Good things are coming to those that wait and don’t die.

38. If we would learn

Learning the human race at bottom will cut observation during election times.

39. Hunger

Handmaid geniuses stay hungry.

40. Money crimes

Poverty and great amounts of wealth can incite money crimes.

41. Great as GOD

We all can be as good as GOD. But we will fall short of being great as he.

42. Trouble

The trouble ain’t that there is too many fools, but that the lightning ain’t distributed right.

43. Fame is a vapor

Fame and popularity are not certain, but oblivion is.

44. Made in vain

The fly is the only thing that came close to being created in vain.

45. Only one thing

It may be impossible for GOD to make sense of any copyright law on planet earth.

46. A man is never more

Acknowledging a lie is the best truth you can ever tell.

47. Two times

You should speculate when it comes to something you can or cannot afford.

48. A new idea

An idea doesn’t mean much until it succeeds.

49. Man was made…

GOD made man last. He was either tired or saving the best for last.

50. Humor

One of the greatest blessings mankind has is humor.

51. Lack of money

Money is not the root of all evil, the lack of it is.

52. Reversed

Man doesn’t make circumstances, circumstances surely make the man.

53. Sadder sight

It a sad sight to see a young pessimist. Yet, it’s a sadder sight to see an old optimist.

54. The only reason why…

GOD was disappointing with the money and that’s why he created man. – Mark Twain sayings

55. Clothes make the man

It’s clothing that makes the man and influences society. Naked people have little to no influence.

56. Infinitely happier

Life would be happier if we were born old and aged to be younger.

57. Don’t part with your illusions…

A true Mark Twain quote from “Following the Equator” (1897). Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.

These are some great Mark Twain quotes that anyone can read and get some knowledge out of. His words are what the power of publish is all about. Making great information and content available to the public. Good quotes will be shared on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest forever.

Mark Twain quotes can inspire or push your intellect to another level. Readings his books forces an individual to open their mind and embrace imagination.

Many of the author’s sayings are famous. There are hundreds of quotes from him, but I have a favorite.

What is it?

Well, it’s about lies.

mark twain quote