28 Special Breast Cancer Quotes, Slogans and Sayings


Breast cancer quotes are some very powerful sayings. Women diagnosed with breast cancer will hear them for the rest of their life. Once a mother, sister, daughter or aunt gets the bad news they need to hear comforting words.

breast cancer quotes
Cancer Messed With The WRONG Girl

It’s an emotional time for all involved. This is one of the reasons campaign slogans exist. Companies are even stepping up to the plate to support with finances to help find a cure.

Why it’s important to spread breast cancer quotes

Breast cancer quotes help many women when spoken. But, the slogans and sayings are also powerful when printed on merchandise or posters. Publishing words can change mindsets for people who read them. This is why I am posting some amazing quotes on pictures. All forms of awareness work together to transform someone battling breast cancer.

Make sure you PIN and Facebook these Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans

So what organizations have a heavy support for breast cancer awareness? Which ones are happy to sport the logo? Well, that hard to pin down but I do know that people who play sports are heavily involved.
One of the main items searched online outside of breast cancer quotes is socks.

  • Softball Socks
  • Cheap Breast Cancer Socks
  • Soccer Socks
  • Football Socks
  • Knee High Socks
  • Pink Socks

October is the official awareness month so these sports activities show a lot of love. Shoelaces go hand and hand with socks so many of these are worn too. Cheerleaders have this look down along with cheer bows. This is not to leave out the fashionable individuals that wear boots though.

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Of course the number one item worn by any supporter is the classic pink ribbon. This is usually accompanied by the pink wristbands. Because October is one of the cold months a sweatshirt or a scarf can are also worn. Fashion statements get made in different ways. Some women may choose to wear a pink dress with heels. While others may opt for jeans with pink nails and some breast cancer jewelry. You just can’t go wrong with a bracelet, right?

There are many other things that get attention for breast cancer though. I have seen request for chocolates with pink filling requested for survivor parties. The decorations for these parties are amazing.

Pink roses, symbols and signs carefully placed for a deep emotional impact. Surviving breast cancer is a rough ordeal so supporters go hard to show appreciation.

Tattoos are part of a life long memory of the event. They can provide encouragement through visual art. If you are not a tattoo person, wearing a t-shirt is just as good. This goes double for those who share their picture in the shirt on social media. Sometimes these images go viral.

Whether you buy pins, a hat, ring or a simple refrigerator magnet, it all counts.

Let’s just remind all women to check their breast for lumps. We even need to check for signs of breast cancer in teens. The earlier you can catch the horrible disease the better chance of survival.

If you have personally survived breast cancer or you know a survivor share this post. Also, make it an item on your bucket list to walk NYC for breast cancer awareness.

It’s a wonderful experience to see so many people come together for a cure and support.

breast cancer quotes