53 Creative Makeup Blog Names and Ideas


Worn by millions of teens and women makeup has changed the face of beauty. Self-expression through vivid colors and techniques are shared in really artistic ways. Here are some creative makeup blog names that will urge you in beginning your blog. Begin your tutorials on Pinterest, Instagram and above all, Youtube. Create stunning images or videos all while having fun and making money.

Dive into these makeup blog names

Learning how to apply makeup in front of a camera can change your life financially. In addition to having more income, you can genuinely become internet famous. Kylie Jenner became the youngest billionaire EVER by simply displaying lipstick fashion on Instagram. Don’t miss your opportunity to generate wealth in this arena.

  • Color Crest
  • Blissful Beauty
  • Contour Lips Queens
  • The Glam Gods
  • Buffer FX
  • Wild Color Code
  • Lips Galore
  • Just Strobing
  • Serene Queen
  • Color Cove
  • The Beauty Beat
  • Posh Lips
  • Radiant Ring Light
  • True Bella
  • Beauty Burst
  • Foxy Overline
  • Sassy Gal
  • Libby’s Lip Service
  • Don’t Blush
  • Ora Contour
  • Lip Crave
  • Skinch Cosmetics
  • Colorful Brush Strokes
  • Posh Primer Princess
  • Shades of You
  • Glitzy Lips
  • Adore Highlights
  • Complete Shades
  • Chicspot
  • Orchid of Colors
  • Beauty Blush
  • Go Go Glam
  • Adore and More
  • Boho Blends
  • Awesome Aurora
  • Max Expressions
  • Naked Lips
  • Waterline Wonders
  • Luxe Foundation
  • Basic Baking
  • Chic Cheeks
  • Creme Puff Cosmo
  • More Than Makeup
  • Shady Layers
  • Makeup Masters
  • Beauty Tutors
  • Makeuply
  • Bullet Bloom
  • Elegant Dotting
  • Crystal Crayon
  • Delilah Dupes
  • Fancy Fan Brush
  • Multimask Makeup
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