Cool Travel Blog Names Ideas and Tips for Bloggers

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If you’re looking to start blogging about travel having a list of good travel blog names is important.

Today, you will learn how to choose the best name for your blog. Something you can use across all social media accounts, especially Instagram.

Now that’s exciting!

After reading this blog post you will be on your way to traveling the world for FREE!

Seriously. That’s NOT a typo.

Want to learn how to start a blog? Check out my step-by-step tutorial.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. – Helen Keller

Get inspired from this list of blog name ideas. Use them as a generator for something unique and special.

Make sure your travel blog name is short, snappy, and memorable.

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Be creative in your process. Let the inspiration for your traveling goals guide you.

Furthermore, make sure the domain name is available. The last thing you need is a washed-up duplicate name.

A mistake like this would only hurt your brand and business.

This is a BIG deal, but listen…

I have been in your shoes before and that’s why I wrote this article. I have helped thousands of bloggers come up with cool names for their websites. We learned a lot of valuable lessons (many the hard way) about what makes good travel blog names.

And today, I’m publishing the best travel blogging name guide to help bloggers.

What Is A Travel Blogger?

A travel blogger is someone who explores the world documenting their travel through pictures, blog post, and podcast.

In addition, travel blogging is publishing quality content on a blog. Also, on social media platforms like Instagram. This builds an audience allowing for free travel, making money, and inspiring others.

TIP. A traveling Vlogger is similar to a blogger with the exception of creating content through video. Both are equally yoked. Therefore, creating a travel blog allows you to take advantage of all media content created.

10 Travel Blogging Tips That Work

Let’s face it. Coming up with a name that could be seen by thousands is pretty hard. There is a ton of competition so you have to stand out. Use the tips below that I have personally used to create blogging websites.

  1. Research traveling for a unique niche
  2. Visit thesaurus online
  3. Analyze competition blog names
  4. Play with a blog name generator
  5. Grab inspiration from pictures
  6. Don’t be afraid to use different languages
  7. Embrace humor
  8. Use alliteration
  9. Abbreviate select words
  10. Use your own name if necessary

The information above will keep you safely within the margins of success for naming a travel blog. Certainly, it will spare you the embarrassment of a HORRIBLE name.

So, let’s take a look at some cool ones I came up with.

Travel Blog Names for Bloggers

Here is a list of creative travel blog names to dive into. Some of the naming can work for couples and families.

  • Abroad the Horizon
  • Beyond My Backyard
  • Daily Destination Travel
  • Solo Safari
  • The Backpack Getaway
  • Bucket-list Travel Spots
  • Spectator Travel Trips
  • The Planet Pacer
  • Escape To
  • Time 4 Touring
  • A Trunk Full of Gear
  • Recreational Roundup
  • Fares, Fees and Me
  • Just Joyriding
  • Definitely Not From Here
  • Forks In the Road
  • Vacation Exploration
  • Rack My Kayak
  • Extravagant Views of Life
  • Intensive Planet Hopping
  • The Gusty Traveler
  • Land, Lakes and Longitude
  • Busting My Budget
  • Bikes, Boats and Beaches
  • A Bunch of Foreign Places
  • One Getaway Suitcase
  • Freedom To Travel
  • Food and Travel Time

It’s More Than Just A Name!

Okay, now that you know what a great travel blog name is it’s time to start a travel blog. Grab your domain name and server with my Step-by-Step guide and get to blogging.

Give your website the attention it needs, especially in the beginning. Get ready for perks and passive income. As you publish high-quality content your influence will grow as well as your income.

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