33 Notorious Biggie Smalls Quotes and Sayings


If you are a hip hop fan at some point you have used some Biggie Smalls quotes to make your point about something.biggie smalls quotes

His lyrics were so descriptive and packed with stories you had to enjoy them.

If you come from the era of rap fans that bought his first album you know what I mean.

The hip hop culture had never heard songs like those before.

Long before the movie came out about the Notorious BIG, I was a real true to life fan.

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I still have all the albums on CD. Anybody can but his music on iTunes, but I own the original compact disc of all Big Poppa music.

Why it’s important to keep Biggie Smalls quotes alive

The life of Christopher Wallace was short lived. If Biggie was still alive his net worth would probably dwarf Jay-Z. His death was tragic. He and Tupac Shakur died young and without a good cause. Many are glad that he had kids though. Unlike 2Pac he has children to help carry his legacy.

His most popular child is his daughter T’Yanna Wallace. Biggie’e funeral was one of the most celebrated hip hop events in New York. People who were on the block when his casket came through will never forget that experience.

Thanks to social media we will always be able to watch music videos of Notorious BIG or read poems about him. Sharina Biggie Smalls quotes is also easy. Just search Pinterest or Instagram to see them. You will also come across a ton of memes. For those looking for facts or pics of him as a kid Wikipedia is the website for that.

However you choose to celebrate and remember Biggie Smalls the internet can help you. His musical art lives on and that’s why I share his quotes and sayings.