17 Strong Asap Rocky Quotes and Sayings


The Asap Rocky quotes come directly from the New York born rapper named Rakim Mayers. Known for his fashion and clothing along with his dope lyrics.

asap rocky the rapper

Fans have been following him since he was with the A$AP Mob.

Rakim broke out with a successful mixtape later in his career which spawned a record deal.

Striking while the iron was hot, he inked more deals with companies like Adidas raising his net worth.

Asap Rocky extends music by adding record producer to his arsenal.

If that not impressive, he is also a director and actor.

A$AP is proud of his “Defense Squad” which he tweets and re-tweets about consistently.

Asap Rocky quotes from the New York rapper

You can even follow the conversation on Snapchat. Rakim is all about swag from his braids to his shoes.

17Keep It 100%

asap rocky quotes

Recognized in the streets as “TRUE” and “REAL”.

16They Say I Changed

asap rocky quotes

In this Asap Rocky quote he believes that money WILL change you if you are getting enough of it.

15When You Know You The One

asap rocky quotes

I’m that pretty dude you wanna be and that the ladies love.


asap rocky quotes

Don’t judge me if you don’t understand the reasons why I do what I do.

13Know What You Deserve

asap rocky quotes

Sadness is a bunch of bull, I deserve to be happy.

12They Smile In Your Face

asap rocky quotes

Having no friends when your down is better than having a bunch of fake people who hate you around when your winning.


asap rocky quotes

Falling in love is an easy thing to do.

10Foes Are Fake

asap rocky quotes

There is a lot of wisdom that comes from older men in your personal circle.

9I’m Real Though

asap rocky quotes

One of the “TRILL” Asap Rocky quotes that says he is a weirdo, but a real dude.

8Presence Is A Present

asap rocky quotes

Being around a high powered celebrity is a gift to many. Some consider their presence a blessing.

7Pretty Mother…

asap rocky quotes

When you feel you are a handsome guy and you must let the world know through social media.


asap rocky quotes

Hot Asap Rocky lyrics that end up being a quote on a picture for fan blogs and social media accounts.

5Run It Back

asap rocky quotes

I like this quote so much I wanted to post it again with a different picture of ASAP.


asap rocky quotes

I’m a cool rapper that smokes weed with no worries. Haters might as well get use to me being here. Stop complaining.

3Money Comes and Goes

asap rocky quotes

Money come and goes no matter how you choose to spend it. Especially if you want to trick it off on women. But, Lil’ Wayne said it ain’t trickin’ if you got it…lol.

2Eyes Chink

asap rocky quotes

Smoking some loud weed and ready to engage a fine women. Looks like things are going way past rated PG-13.

1Gold Grills

asap rocky quotes

The gold in my mouth is giving the woman I’m in front of a cold sweat. She recognizes that I’m a true and real rapper.

asap rocky quotes