72 Anti Drug Slogans Beyond Just Say No


Anti drug slogans are important to communities and parents. These sayings are usually printed on posters.

There is a greater impact on schools, particularly elementary students with these slogans. The younger we can influence the children the better chance we have to keep them away from drugs.

School mascots and other creative ideas are used every year. Keeping the youth drug free betters the chances of them being a non user as an adult. Anti drug slogans do work, so don’t take them lightly.

Here are some power anti drug slogans used yearly by teachers and parents

Angel dust is a disgust.
Be a scholar instead of a pot head.
Be all you can be, Go drug free.
Be proud to be drug free.
Blunts are bad.
Car pipes over crack pipes.
Choose life over drugs.
Choose to be jolly, stay away from Molly.
Cocaine is just insane.
Crack is super whack.
Do not blow the snow.
Don’t approach the roach.
Don’t be a flunky or a junkie, say no to drugs.
Don’t get blasted unless you’re playing laser tag.
Don’t hit the block for a crack rock.
Don’t let “John Blaze” become a phase.
Don’t make excuses to use drugs.
Don’t pass the glass.
Don’t smoke Mary Jane, go date her.
Don’t snort your life away.
Drug free is for me.
Drugs are so yesterday.
Drugs will cost you more than money.
Enjoy a song and not a BONG.
Even Jesus didn’t get STONED!
Family, friends, and drugs don’t mix.
Flee from the Big C.
Freebase is better in baseball.
Getting wasted is a waste of time.
Go on a trip with Carnival Cruise, not drugs.
Herb is good for food, BAD for the brain.
I got 99 problems, but drugs ain’t one.
I have to say nope to dope.
I simply choose not to use.
I will not be influenced.
I’d rather be high on life than marijuana.
I’m glad I’m not “Breaking Bad”.
If I must say so, there will be no yoyo.
If you do blow, you have to go.
It’s a reason they call it the trap house. Just say no.
Just be smart, don’t start.
Just listen to “The Chronic” don’t go smoke it.
Just trash the stash.
Keep BASE out of your face.
LSD is not for me.
Math over Meth.
Meth is a REAL tooth fairy.
More hugs and less drugs.
Nickel bags are for savings.
Nose candy doesn’t make since.
Ounces are better used in cooking, not drugs
Rollin’ a blunt is for chumps.
Say no before having to go cold turkey.
Smoke fast and die young.
Smoking meth leads to death.
Smoking’ a spliff is no gift.
The dope trap is a trap.
The green sticky is icky.
The math lab is cooler than the meth lab.
The only coke I do is Diet.
The use of dope brings no hope.
The ZigZag is bad.
There is no need to smoke on weed.
There’s limited cope using dope.
Think twice before smoking ice.
Too much abuse in drug use.
Up the nose and down he goes.
Weed brownies taste the same as regular brownies.
Weed is for wimps.
Where diamonds, don’t smoke them.
You are bound to fall if you smoke a meth seed ball.
You’ll never be as high as GOD.

anti drug slogans

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